Could it be your thyroid?

How familiar and in tune are you with your body and your symptoms?

Do you go about your day to day, feeling a little off but not thinking there may be something more going on?

Have you been to see your doctor but was told there is nothing wrong with you and that your labs are normal?

I have been there, and I was there for years.

It wasn’t until I began studying nutritional medicine that I started to realise my symptoms were anything but normal and getting familiar with the incredible resources I was able to access for answers.

Hashimoto’s is an extremely common autoimmune condition which affects the thyroid gland, however it isn’t so easily diagnosed. In many cases, by the time one gets their diagnosis it has already been a few years of debilitating symptoms without answers.

So why is it so hard to diagnose?

Well, for starters, doctors (generally speaking) will only test for basic pathology. When it comes to checking the thyroid, TSH is often the only marker they check for. This isn’t the most accurate marker to check for thyroid issues, and it is not going to reveal anything about whether or not there is an autoimmune condition driving it. The TSH is merely a marker to indicate how much or how little thyroid hormones the gland is producing, and the range they use for this is much broader than the optimal numbers should reflect. This means that your thyroid could be struggling, but because the “normal” range is so wide, it is missed.

Usually when this happens many are already very symptomatic, but their labs are “normal”. It is only when these numbers are outside of the range, further thyroid hormones will be checked.

In order to really understand what your thyroid is doing, getting a comprehensive thyroid panel is the most accurate way to check what may be happening. This test includes all the relevant hormones, these being T3, T4, RT3, TSH, and includes all of the thyroid antibodies.

If you have a good doctor or an integrative doctor, they should be able to order you a more comprehensive panel based on your symptoms.

Otherwise I recommend working with a nutritionist, like myself, who has access to a number of pathology labs where we can order you the required tests direct, interpret them for you and work out a tailored treatment plan moving forward.

So now the question is, what symptoms am I looking for?

Download my Hashimoto’s checklist here and see if any of them are relevant to you. If you tick more than 5, of if you’ve had any of them ongoing with no relief, I encourage you to search for answers.

If you would like to work with me, book a free 15 minute discovery call to see if I can help guide you moving forward.