I created this podcast as a way to bring you a variety of information to help you along your health journey. I know how frustrating it can be to struggle with symptoms and not have any answers. I also know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with too much information that can leave you feeling even more confused than you started with. My sharing real information and real stories, I hope to create a community where you can access relatable and understandable resources that you can add to your healing tool kit.

The Magic of Culinary Herbs: with Heike Hohaus Autoimmune Diaries Podcast

Two nutritionists talking about their love of culinary herbs, their benefits and simple ways you can incorporate them into your daily meals. We hope you find some inspiration to get a little more creative in the kitchen to make your meals a little extra special and healing.  Check out Heike's Facebook page where she shares recipes and health tips  https://www.facebook.com/heike.hohaus
  1. The Magic of Culinary Herbs: with Heike Hohaus
  2. Living with Hashimoto's: With Naturopath Bec Kimm
  3. Thyroid Talks with Lisha Knicely
  4. The Mind Body Connection- How our emotions impact our physical health with Dannii Orawiec
  5. The Basics of Nutrition with Heike Hohaus